The Gold Coin – S.H. Steele

Another amazing addition to this exciting series filled with supernatural insanity. 


Picking up where we left off from the last book (The Silver Drink), Mai and Max set out on an appointment to receive a loan on behalf of Yuri, only to come face to face with a dragon.


Max was a little off for me in this book. I wasn’t quite sure why he was being so mean, but it was resolved by the end of the book and he was back to his usual self which I loved. 

Mai was, as usual, an exciting character to follow along with. She’s so relatable and I feel like I can really easily just get her. 


The restaurant was a little bit sketchy and wasn’t my favorite place to visit as a character.  I feel like it definitely suited the story though. 


As usual, totally entranced by Steele’s writing and I couldn’t get enough. 

In Conclusion… 

An amazing addition to this series and I can’t wait to see what happens next!

Rating: 4.5/5⭐

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Maya is an eighteen-year-old psychology student that loves to read a range of genres of books. She also loves to write her own stories and is working on the second draft of her first novel.

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