The Agency ARC Call

Are you ready to step into the shadowy world of The Society?

THE AGENCY is book 3 in the Illuminati Files series.

Here’s what you can expect:

👪 Breeding k!nk
🤬 DubCon
🗣 Hostage situation
👧 Sweet Heroine
🔪 Psycho Anti-hero
🥵 Drama and Suspense
💋 smex, lots and lots of smex

THE AGENCY cannot be read as a standalone, meaning that you need to read THE SOCIETY and THE FIRM before reading this ARC.

If you would like to sign up, but haven’t read the others, there is an option on the signup form in the link in my bio to receive the previous two books.

ARC sign up form in @erinmcluckiewrites bio 👌

About the Author


Maya is an eighteen-year-old psychology student that loves to read a range of genres of books. She also loves to write her own stories and is working on the second draft of her first novel.

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